Thursday, November 18, 2004

Personal corporate blogs and their effects : Part 1

Jeremy's latest post on his blog regarding the effect of personal corporate blogs got me thinking. For the uninitiated many companies (like MS, ThoughtWorks, etall) allow or even support personal blogs of their employees. The authors do have complete freedom to express their views freely even if they are contrary to their employers views. This creates an open environment and also acts as a pressure valve to vent out feelings. The readers of these blogs get a chance to see the inside working, the future directions of the products, the way the industry thought leaders are thinking and even a view into the push and pull that happens between different forces at work (in work...sorry could not resist myself from doing this). On the other hand there are many companies which don't allow employee blogs or rather don't encourage them. Its not as if they are any less forward thinking in their technology focus areas, but they seem to view employee blogs as more areas of personal feelings expression rather than windows to the outside world for free circulation of air and sunlight. And who is against sunlight :)


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