Thursday, June 30, 2005

The art of making "Filter Coffee"

This is a tech blog and what is more important to a techie than to have a proper supply of caffeine. This can't be any any coffee, it cant be a wanna-be oh-am-so-stylish frappe or latte. As far as I am concerned there are very few coffees in the world which can lay a stake to the name "coffee". A genuine South Indian Coffee is one of them.

Of course it needs special but simple equipment, lot of patience (ideally 12 hours that it takes for the decoction to mature) and lots of dedication to prepare filter coffee.

The flavor comes from the time spent by the decoction in the filter gaining the coffee steam while the taste comes from the dilution with milk. One might ask how to judge these characteristics. As a South Indian who enjoys , naah, worships a good cuppa I will describe the procedure to you. Bring the steel tumbler (because a southie worth his salt would serve coffee no other way) just below your lips and inhale deeply. If you get a heady feeling of falling into a abyss uncontrollably the flavor is perfect. Then take a sip, twirl it in your mouth and gulp it down. If it burns its way down your throat to your stomach and if you can actually feel this sensation both the taste and temperature of serving is correct. That's the way a south indian filter coffee is supposed to be.


At 9:13 PM, Blogger ROhan said...

Wow ..

thats awesome.
I have somehow caught onto the coffee bug too, and till date have not yet made a perfect cuppa. :-(



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