Sunday, October 02, 2005

ruby and me

Since Suresh was raving about ruby so much I decide to check it out. I did a simple (tic-tac-toe) game in ruby and came away a little interested and a little bemused. I have used python before and am familiar with it. I understand that python is limited in the OO world but I like it. I think Ruby is pretty similar to python (not so strong typed, less stress on syntax, flexible and so on). Then why is there so much hype about Ruby? Is it because of its webapp development (rails) capability. but python has Zope. well i dont know much about ruby so i wont comment and will wait till i get more experience on it. in the meantime i will start exploring rails.

Does ruby have a multi line commenting facility? i have not seen till now. I also liked the smart way it does multi-dimensional arrays (i guess following the module-based--kernel is better than whole-os-in-a-kernel philosophy).

i found some nice links on ruby:
ruby book


At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No multiline commenting in Ruby AFAIK...

But - "not so strongly typed, less stress on syntax, flexible and so on" count for a lot to me anyhow :D

Rails is how I was introduced to Ruby, and I'm pretty charmed. It's been the most natural follow-up from my old web development experience with WebObjects which also was very strong on MVC-patterned designs, and which (at least in its former incarnations as an Objective C-based framework) was pleasantly loosely typed (versus the wordy Java stuff that seems de-rigeur today).

It's good stuff - flexible and powerful. It does it's stuff and then gets out of your way.

The expressiveness and freedom that the system allows assumes that you're not a coding monkey, apt to "trip over your own tail," but I do appreciate development environments that don't treat me like a moron, ever on the verge of making some sort of type-casting error (really for the benefit of the environment and optimization, rather than for my benefit of terseness and expression).

The fact that you can write less code makes "tripping over your own tail" less likely anyhow. Mantra at my old employer, NeXT, was that the easiest line to debug, the easiest line to maintain, was the line you never had to write. So it seems to be with a lot of Rails. I'm really glad to see that sense of software development outside of the old NeXT world.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There aren't multiline comments, but you can use multiline strings ;)

At 5:54 PM, Blogger sundar said...

Yeah Anonymous 1, I agree with you. I just started playing around with rails and i like it. the idea of write less code to get more done does appeal to me.
Anonymous 2, Yeah thats what i am doing now.


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