Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Traffic analysis of my blog after posting it on reddit.com

I wrote a post comparing reddit.com and memeorandum.com on my blog on 22nd october. I have been a leecher on reddit till that day. I only used to read links not contribute links to reddit. But the next day my post received a comment from prez, one of the founders of reddit.com. Till that day the total number of hits on my blog was around 210 with a maximum hits/day being 4. I had hits from all continents except Africa but only India (which is my home country) contributing more than 10 hits per city. There were two cities in india contributing more than 10 hits. I had hits from one city each in Australia and New Zealand, 5 from Europe, two from South America and around 10 from North America. People from city each in Chine and Japan also read my blog.

That day I decide the post was worth a read by others and posted it on reddit.com. Within 5 hours of my posting it reached the hottest tab in reddit. It was in the top 20 hot links for around 20 hours. In that time it garnered 295 hits. The visibility reached is amazing. More power to unknown bloggers!!! I can now imagine what slashdotted can mean. If we assume that 10% of the users of reddit hit on my link that day, reddit might have around 3000 users that day.

It is also pretty enlightening to see the spread of hits. It can be seen via this clustermaps view of that day. As expected US dominates but the spread of cities throughout Europe is also interesting. At last there is a hit from Africa (South Africa I guess). The (non)-spread in China (and many parts of SouthEast Asia) and the Cresent area of West Asia is a matter of concern. Or maybe people from these places are not interested in the topic under consideration. This seems more likely. There were many cities which contributed more than 10 hits but most of them were in US. Of course India and London also contributed to this. I guess the hit from a spot on the Indian Ocean (near Madagascar) is an error or non-categorizable hit.

Most people came to the blog either from reddit, bloglines or other posts in techgossip. All three sources contributed equally. Firefox dominated with around 60% users using it to reach techgossip, while IE was 19% and Safari was a credible 10%.


At 1:15 AM, Blogger kn0thing said...

Very interesting. We hadn't looked at any geographic data about where our hits were coming from, but we're hoping that the reddit community continues to grow (eventually beyond the English-speaking community) -- positive blog-entries like yours certainly help, thanks.

It's also nice to see that the site can get you that many more eyeballs on your blog, thank your fellow redditors for that. Spez and I may have built the site, but they make it work.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger necromanc said...

Same to me.This topic ( http://necromanc.blogspot.com/2006/02/ilusion-its-real.html ) drive 3000+ users to my website from reddit.


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