Saturday, November 26, 2005

my new initiative for the new net

it has been a hectic month for me. travelled more than I want. But the good news is that I have decided to work on a new project. its going to be a mashup between a RSS aggregator, trust based FOAF idea, semantic web based on RDF, outfoxed and some more such stuff !!!!

Phew got that off my chest. Actually I have started coding on this after nearly a month of thinking (actually which I want to call mental masturbation which achieves nothing other than cheap instant gratification which is of value to nobody other than myself). As of now I am doing this in java but as my expertise in RoR increases I might migrate stuff to Rails.

please refer to my earlier posts on Rails for more info on my rails experiences.

Basically I was so impressed by reddit that I believe the idea of a customized net is not possible given the that the world of carefully wallled gardens is crumbling and a new open webservice based multi-initiative net is emerging. Also looking at all the MS initiatives in using RSS I believe the usefullness of RSS (& OPML according to me) will reach the common people too and not be restricted to the techies as it is as of now. I also believe microformats will play a very important role in this brave new world. I hope to contribute something in this direction.

Progress will be slow but will keep you updated on this.

Update: This looks interesting.


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