Tuesday, February 28, 2006

alarm:clock: The Blogosphere Doesn't Follow The Money

This is so true : "The Blogosphere Doesn't Follow The Money"

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But I guess this is the Madness of the crowds : Once you accept the wisdom of the crowds, one has to accept the madness too.

Time to Unload

My firefox tabs number 26 now; so i will unload them ehre with my (short) thoughts.

Infogami starts. I wonder how they are going to compete against google in offering hosting and other related functions.

WTF 2.0 : Russel talks about how so many web 2.0 startups dont have a business plan. insightful.

Zillow: great site which compares and shows property prices. Again US centric but great UI

Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad. Just discovered this while i was debugging a solaris path problem.