Monday, April 24, 2006


was using this a bit. great piece of software. Along with iRows this is the internet version of Excel which will rule the roost in future. So who is going to buy this?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

my goals for the next 2600 days

Encouraged by Project 1001 of Echo Faith, I listed my 26 goals for the next 2600 days.

write a book
go to gym atleast 3 times a week and exercise at home 5 days a week
miss a dinner at least once a week
eat fruits at least once a week
contribute a patch to a open source project
take scwcd (sun certified web component developer)
take scbcd (sun certified business component developer)
blog at least once a week
mail friends at least once a week
have dinner with brother at least once a week
finish (read, digest, take notes, act upon) a book/month
have lunch/dinner with a different friend at least once a month
buy a car
buy a house
get married (!!)
write articles which get published in a different journal at least once a year
interact with people who don't belong to my profession
watch a movie per week with someone who is close to me
cook at least one meal per week
don't shave for a month
buy a LCD projector (for watching movies on the big screen)
finish reading The Geeta
Spend a week without using a computer
watch a sunrise
Go trekking for 3 continues days
Watch the Oscar’s Best Picture winners

I will keep you updated on how things go regularly (yeah sure :) )

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar vs Kiko

I have been using Kiko for sometime now and was pretty impressed with it, not only the UI but also the features. Recently they came up witha load of great features like drag and drop, etc. But i could not put my finger on what was troubling me. there was just something wrong, but i could no tell what it was. Today I found out what it is.

Today google calendar and i am pretty much sold to google. The UI is uncluttered and the features are hidden behind but only a click away. I don't even mind the pains of migration.

Again google prevails (paraphrased from "V for vendetta").

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MS and VmWare

I was so excited to see posts about how MS is planning to give away Virtual Server for free. I was reminising how things have changed. 7 yeras ago people were paying huge sums of money for VmWare's properietary virtualization system. Of course there was value (great value according to me) in buying such software. 3 years ago when I first tried Xen and tried to convince our VP of Engg. to adopt it, I fell flat on my face when qquestions regarding its maturity were asked. And see how things have changed now. Xen is bundled by default with Redhat. Vmware is giving away its GSX server for free while MS is also generating similar noises. It is indeed a boon to live in exciting times.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Indian VC Blog

I really like this blog. It is written by a Indian VC living in India investing in Indian companies. Also he is part of a big multinational VC firm - Bessemer Venture Partner. He has also worked in global consulting firms and so knows the market. Most of his posts are centered around India and opportunities in India. I wish there were more VCs like him in India.

ANother thing I really like about this blog is the fact that Anand dosen't hesitate to talk as an Indian (with all its associated connotations). This is clearly seen in this post.

personal MBA

I came across this site which is basically a message board collection of people who want an MBA experience without actually going through a MBA program in a school. Ncie concept but not a great execution.

I think increasingly education will be distributed and open sourced. this might be a small initial step in that direction. Anyway the time has come where everyone has to keep learning throughout their life to be productive and efficient.